Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Islamic Information Center offers family counseling. Islamic Family Counseling It is completely confidential, professional, and safe.

There are many benefits of IIC counseling: Coaching and training individuals who are looking for a future spouse; in the areas of selection of marriage partner and preparing for a healthy, happy, and successful marriage. Vitalizing married couples and give them the tools and skills to overcome relationship challenges and lead them Inshallah to a happy and fulfilled marriage. Empowering parents with a roadmap to reach their destination of harmonious and satisfied parent-child relationship. Learning the mechanics of change in order to overcome any pattern of negative thinking or destructive habits. This is done through deep self-examining, self-understanding, and self-transformation.

Counseling through the Islamic Paradigm in order to transcend psychological challenges such as anger, depression, chronic stress, sadness, worries, etc. Experiencing the process of clarifying the true intentions behind the thoughts and actions; discovering strengths and talents; identifying meaningful goals and how to work to achieve them. Islamic Counseling is holistic as such it concentrates on the whole person by integrating physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social aspects. It focuses on immediate concerns and issues as well as on preventive measures. It perceives the journey of spiritual development as the cornerstone for healing present pain and preventing future hurt.

Please contact us in confidence at (702) 837-3400.


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Current as of: 3/31/21