IIC focuses on community educational activities. For this purpose, IIC holds several educational programs for both adult and children during the weekdays and weekends.

Some of them are:

al-Mubeen Hifth school (this is the Saturday school)> IIC holds Saturday Qur’an reading and memorizing sessions. Currently 20 students are registered in this program under three teachers. IIC urges its community members to enroll into this program. In future, al-Mubeen will turn into a full time hifth program.

al-Manara Islamic school (this is the Sunday school)>This is one of the most amazing educational programs IIC holds on Sundays. Currently more than six teachers are teaching Islamic studies in the school. This program provides a very enjoyable experience for kids to learn while still having fun. Al-Manara Islamic School will be re-structured to offer a more organized method of learning for the upcoming academic school year. IIC urges community members to enroll their children into this learning initiative. The school opens every Sunday at 10:00am and ends with Zhuhr prayer.

al-Farooq Youth Club (this is the Friday night program): This is one of the most important programs here at IIC. This program is conducted by a youth trainer under religious guidance of the Imam. The IIC youth trainer is an expert in dealing with the challenges faced by our youth. The youth club is usually held on Friday nights after Maghrib prayer.

Current Prayer Times

Masjid Prayer Times
Fajr⠀5:45 AM
Dhuhr⠀1:00 PM
Asar⠀5:00 PM
Maghrib⠀Sunset + 5 minutes
Isha⠀ 8:45 PM
Jumma Khutbah⠀ 1:00 PM
Jumma Iqama⠀ 1:15 PM
Current as of: 3/31/21