Al-Mubeen Hifth school – Saturday School

IIC holds Saturday Qur’an reading and memorizing sessions. Currently 20 students are registered in this program under three teachers. IIC urges its community members to enroll into this program.

In future, al-Mubeen will turn into a full time hifth program.

Current Prayer Times

Masjid Prayer Times
Fajr⠀5:45 AM
Dhuhr⠀1:00 PM
Asar⠀5:00 PM
Maghrib⠀Sunset + 5 minutes
Isha⠀ 8:45 PM
Jumma Khutbah⠀ 1:00 PM
Jumma Iqama⠀ 1:15 PM
Current as of: 3/31/21