Al-Farooq Youth Club – Friday Night Program

This is one of the most important programs here at IIC. This program is conducted by a youth trainer under religious guidance of the Imam. The IIC youth trainer is an expert in dealing with the challenges faced by our youth.

The youth club is usually held on Friday nights after Maghrib prayer.

Current Prayer Times

Masjid Prayer Times
Fajr⠀5:45 AM
Dhuhr⠀1:00 PM
Asar⠀5:00 PM
Maghrib⠀Sunset + 5 minutes
Isha⠀ 8:45 PM
Jumma Khutbah⠀ 1:00 PM
Jumma Iqama⠀ 1:15 PM
Current as of: 3/31/21